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Being investigated by the police is stressful. If you have to go to a voluntary police interview or are at risk of arrest take action by having the right solicitor to give you clear and effective advice.

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During the current pandemic I continue to attend in person at the police station or court to represent clients.  


As a freelance Police station criminal defence and motoring solicitor with 16 years experience I can guide you through every stage of the police station interview and investigation. 

I am available to attend any police station for any criminal or motoring offence.


I have over 16 years of experience in criminal defence and motoring law. I have represented thousands of clients at the police station and at court for every type of offence. I understand what you are going through and know how much you have to lose.

I will attend the police station for your arrest or voluntary interview. Following careful consideration of your case I will give you clear and effective advice so you can make the right decisions. I will be with you throughout. 

Whatever your circumstance my aim is to get you the best possible outcome at the police station or court, so you can get on with your life again. Contact me or email me richard@defencesolicitor.net

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I can provide clear, confidential, independent and expert legal advice in relation to any criminal defence or motoring law issue, with a follow up email outlining my advice and your options.  

Contact me to book an advice appointment in person or via Zoom or telephone.  


Are you due to be interviewed by the police?

There is no such thing as a quick chat or interview, if the police want to speak to you about any alleged offence then you are a suspect. Whether it is by arrest or a voluntary interview (also known as caution plus 3), the seriousness is the same and you need the best legal advice and representation. Don’t take a chance with the police arranged legal aid duty solicitor, many criminal defence firms send poorly qualified staff to do police station work, it is unlikely you will get a solicitor. 

​How I am different

Prior preparation is the key to a good outcome therefore you will get as much pre-interview advice and assistance as you need from me, provided via phone or Zoom videocall in advance of the interview date.

On the day of the interview I will attend to represent you fully, I will liaise with the police and we will have as much time as required to discuss your case before the interview. I will guide you through each step of the process, all with the sole aim of bringing the case to a close as soon as possible with the best possible result.

Already been interviewed?

If you have been interviewed already and you case is still open than you are either on bail or have been released under investigation. You probably feel you have been left in limbo, with little understanding of what will happen next and how long it will take. This can be an incredibly stressful time and it is when you need an experienced solicitor to take over and proactively push your defence forward to bring the case to a close.

I can help with post interview advice and assistance by:

  • Chasing the police for an outcome on your case.

  • Chasing the police for the return of your property.

  • Making representations for your case to be closed or for your bail conditions to be changed or removed.

  • Help gather defence evidence to present to the police to bring the case to a close.

Contact me to see how I can help.

Expected cost for a police station interview £950, fee includes preparation and meetings prior to the interview date.

Pre charge engagement with the police will vary depending on work required and is fixed in advance to avoid any unexpected costs. Contact me for a no obligation quote.

Why book an appointment with me?

If you need specific advice on your case or any aspect of a police station interview and investigation I can provide an advice appointment either in person or via Zoom or telephone call. Advice can cover any aspect of your case and can include:

  • What is the law in relation to my case?

  • How do the police investigate?

  • What is a voluntary interview? Do I have to go?

  • What is a caution plus 3 interview? 

  • Am I at risk of arrest or prosecution?

  • What are the defences to any offence?

  • What should I do if I have evidence or witnesses to help defend my case?

  • Do I have to be arrested or can I arrange to go into the police station voluntarily?

  • Do I need a solicitor?

  • Will I look guilty if I have a solicitor?

  • Do I have to be interviewed?

  • What should I say in interview?

  • What shouldn't I say in interview?

  • Consideration of police or court paperwork.

  • What if I get charged or a Court Summons?

  • What needs to be proved?

  • How do I defend and present my case?

  • What happens while I am released under investigation? 

  • How long will the investigation take? 

  • What is the likely outcome of my case?

  • Can I get my phone or other property back?

  • What sentence could I get if the case went to court?

  • Could I go to prison?

  • Advice on any police station and court procedures, including bail conditions.

  • Advice on gathering and presenting evidence to help stop a criminal case as soon as possible.

  • Can I make a counter claim against my accuser?

  • Will this show up on a DBS check?

  • Do I have to tell my employer about the investigation?

  • Will the police tell anyone about the investigation? 

  • How can I change or remove bail conditions?

  • Signposting to other organisations that can offer advice and support.

Appointment cost - £150 for 1 hour.


Follow up letter after the appointment confirming issues raised and advice given, with further steps to consider and documents and information from my library. Contact me to book an appointment.


 ​​Contact me and I will get back to you

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